Amvest is an experienced and ambitious property developer, creative and focused, sustainable and involved. We develop homes, residential areas and care properties. Amvest has a single objective in all this; the creation of attractive homes and lively residential areas with sustained value, where people feel at home and are keen to live.

Area and project development

Developing attractive homes and lively residential areas. That’s what we enjoy doing and what we’re good at. Amvest develops homes to buy or rent in the economically strong areas of the Netherlands, where people feel at home and are keen to live.

Building for the world of the future

We get actively involved in an area at an early stage. This puts us in on the birth of quality. We look a long way ahead, we know the trends and what’s happening. Our aim is to build areas that will be even better than now in a generation’s time. Properly worked out, unique living environments with high-quality buildings and public spaces that perform well and provide excellent financial and social yields over the longer term.

New methods of collaboration

Being in control of a particular area, we work closely alongside public and private parties. We align interests and resolve complex issues, giving rise to new ways of working together. We invest substantially in preparatory work, which leads to better plans and a faster process down the line. We accept responsibility and risk for developing and being accountable; from plan preparation, participation, the planning process, construction and handover through to the final sale or rental of the homes.

We’re here to stay

In the coming years, Amvest Development will create around 23,000 new homes. These are primarily rentals, but we also develop homes to buy, care homes and facilities. Has a project been handed over? That doesn’t stop our involvement, making Amvest quite unique. As a fund manager, we purchase a large proportion of the rental homes that are built, retaining our links with an area over the longer term.

“Our approach is translated into quality on all fronts. Because we invest in our own developments, these have to be excellent in the longer term as well.”

Bas van de Ven – Director Development & Transactions

Development core activities

  • Area and project development (homes to rent or buy)
  • Development of care properties
  • Transformation of vacant real estate into homes