For tenants

Welcome to Amvest

Amvest owns around 20.000 rental homes. We do not rent out or sell our homes ourselves but get real estate managers and estate agents to do this for us. All contacts with our current and future tenants are dealt with by our property managers. These are also the people you should talk to about availability, for instance, or rentals for our homes. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy living in our homes!

Do you have something to report or a question?

Maybe a repair request, a complaint, or you want to cancel the tenancy or change your payment method? Please contact your property manager. See the list below.

Are you looking for rented property?

Are you on the hunt for a rental home? You can contact our local property managers. They’ll be able to tell you which homes are available in your area. See the list below.

Our property managers

Amvest Tenants’ Platform

The Amvest Tenants’ Platform – set up in 1998 by and for tenants of an Amvest home – is a national umbrella body that champions the interests of all Amvest tenant associations and residents’ committees. There’s more information on the website: Platform Amvest Huurders.