Amvest Residential Core Fund

The Amvest Residential Core Fund is our flagship. The fund focuses on sustainable single-person homes and apartments in the medium-priced sector in economically strong regions in the Netherlands, mostly in and around the Randstad area and the Brabant metropolitan area. The average age of the portfolio properties is just nine years.


The Amvest Residential Core Fund invests in medium priced unregulated rental homes in the Netherlands (EUR 808 – 1,550 per month bandwidth depending on the region). Homes that are keenly sought after by Dutch households. The fund has a clear strategy with a regional focus. The portfolio focuses strongly on the four large cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht) as well as other towns and cities in the ‘Central Circle’. The strong cities outside this area, such as Groningen, Zwolle and Maastricht, are also of interest. These are economically attractive areas where people want to live.

The fund endeavours to secure an acceptable return with a conservative use of loan capital. The dynamic portfolio policy ensures high quality and an energy efficient portfolio. The result is that operational expenses are relatively low. The Amvest Residential Core Fund is open to new investors.


The Amvest Residential Core Fund pursues an active ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policy. Sustainability in the broad sense. We have established concrete ESG objectives on the back of discussions with tenants, investors, property managers, developers and our staff. These and other non-financial criteria form fixed elements of our portfolio management. The fund achieved a score of 5 stars out of 5 in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) in 2022.


On the page Sustainable Investing you can find various documents on our sustainable investment policy and SFDR statements, such as:

Features of the Fund

  • General account fund
  • Open-ended with an indefinite term
  • Core investment fund
  • Low risk and stable dividend
  • Open to new investors
  • Right of first refusal for rental homes developed by Amvest
  • Number of homes: 11.000 / Euro 4 billion (close of 2022)
  • Committed pipeline: 2.500 homes / Euro 900 million (close of 2022)