Separate accounts

Future-proof residential portfolios with excellent returns are our speciality. As well as our own Funds, Amvest manages portfolios for third parties. Tailored portfolio and asset management, in other words. We offer strategic advice, active management and more, since, as a developer investment manager, we provide the complete package. And always with the quality expected of Amvest.

Our experts take the management out of your hands

Amvest specialises in managing residential portfolios for separate accounts. This has been an important part of the business since Amvest was founded. We manage the residential portfolios for institutional investors like Aegon, using a small and dedicated team. As if you were the owner yourself. With you, we decide on the strategy for an attractive return. We then manage the portfolio within these established principles. And we always adopt an active stance, to ensure that you keep investing in the most appropriate way at any given time. We offer insights, solutions and ideas for optimising returns, managing risks, individual sales, increasing sustainability or extending lifespans. And we don’t stop at ideas.

Everything under control

As a developer and investment manager, we can bring more to your portfolio. For instance, we might be involved in acquiring and developing land positions or renovating and extending the life of buildings. We know the business better than anyone. Even when it comes to individually selling off portfolio properties, supporting you with acquisitions or new-build work. Each and every one a project that we can take off your hands, including communications with residents. Our expertise, national network and systems let us cope with large numbers of homes, so you don’t have to worry about it.