Amvest Living & Care Fund

The Amvest Living & Care Fund (AL&C Fund) invests in care homes for the elderly in the Netherlands. We develop innovative concepts alongside care providers. A lovely home for everyone who needs care and who can no longer live independently. That puts us ahead in the market.

Can we still get older without care?

The shortage of homes and care for the older working population in the Netherlands is a major challenge to society. Reforms should keep care accessible and affordable. But the reforms and rising welfare levels among the elderly mean that conventional nursing and care homes are becoming less attractive. But there’s a different way, with a growing demand for small-scale care homes, developed for quality of living. Warm, homely and safe, just like being at home. A lovely place for getting older with excellent care on hand. This is the type of property that the Amvest Living & Care Fund invests in.

Special care, fine living for everyone

Amvest constructs care properties throughout the Netherlands. We focus on the elderly who have to live with more serious requirements for care and can no longer live on their own. For everyone, regardless of the depth of their wallet. Amvest is working on this alongside established partners in the care industry, for the long term. With them, we create innovative, small-scale living formats, using a well-delineated concept. And always with a clear focus on the end user, providing personal attention, high quality care and service. Residents benefit from personal attention, with a high degree of efficiency, through the use of specialist care teams.

Keeping a grip on care property and quality

Amvest has all the expertise it needs, in-house, for developing care properties. And our active management means we can offer stable yields to our investors. We are perpetually on the hunt for suitable new (development) sites. From new-build to targeted refurbishment. We are currently investing in care concepts at Het Gastenhuis, Zorggroep De Laren, Dagelijks Leven and Futura Zorg. But we’re also open to new collaborations to add to these concepts. The result is an intensive collaboration; a partnership, always covering multiple complexes.

Sustainable and social returns

The Amvest Living & Care Fund has a broad strategy on sustainability. We construct energy-efficient care properties and achieve social impact by creating a delightful living environment for the vulnerable elderly. The starting point here is personal, high value care. For the third year in a row, the Fund attained the maximum 5 stars in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) in 2020. The Amvest Living & Care Fund is also the most sustainable care property fund in the world!


Features of the Fund

  • Dutch property operating fund for care homes
  • Founded in 2013
  • Core investment fund
  • Two investors, closed to new applicants
  • Four care partners, each with its own formula: Dagelijks Leven, Het Gastenhuis, Zorggroep De Laren and Futura Zorg.
  • 64 care complexes under management and 10 being developed (2020)