Investment management

Amvest is an investment manager of residential homes for institutional investors. We offer distinctive home investment products and tailored solutions. We manage three funds and a range of separate accounts. Based on a long-term horizon and the high quality of the real estate in our portfolios, we strive for higher financial and social returns.

A glance into the future

Amvest has over 20 years’ experience in managing residential portfolios, with a focus on medium-priced rental homes and care property. It goes without saying that we keep up to date with the latest market trends. But we look beyond just that, aiming for optimum returns for our investors, tenants and the world at large. This is why we look forwards. We know how we’ll be living in the future and what makes tenants happy. We use all of our experience, knowledge and skill to invest for the longer term. We are continuously striving for quality, performance and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. We aim for sustainability in the wider sense.

The only developer residential fund manager in the Netherlands

Things work both ways for Amvest; as investment managers, we invest in the quality that we achieve as developers. This is unique in the Netherlands. Our investment in a particular site will start early, so we can control things from the off. And not just the homes themselves, but also other aspects such as accessibility, safety, facilities and the quality of public spaces. This ensures that the homes in our funds are of the highest quality, yielding excellent returns. And we continue our involvement in the properties and areas that we develop, which creates trust. Amvest Investment Management also buys property from other parties, but only of the best quality. The results? Satisfied residents and satisfied investors.

At the close of 2020, funds under management amount to around 21,000 homes valued at more than EUR 5.7 billion.

“People’s experience of living is closely linked to their surroundings. People don’t buy or rent a house, but a good place to live. This is why we also invest in aspects like safety, accessibility, facilities and the quality of the public spaces.”

Wim Wensing – Chief Investment Officer Amvest


Amvest funds are monitored by the Netherlands Financial Markets Authority (AFM).

Investment management, core activities

  • Managing residential investment funds and separate accounts
  • Tailored solutions for fund, portfolio and asset management
  • Setting up new funds