Care property

As well as homes and residential areas, Amvest also develops care properties. A specialist area, to be sure. The number of elderly people in our country is on the increase. And with this, the demand for sheltered housing formats. Amvest develops new care homes and transforms existing buildings. The principles guiding us in this are life experience and the care concept, so that the elderly can live well, surrounded by high-quality care.

Care properties deserve special attention

Amvest constructs care properties throughout the Netherlands. We focus on the elderly who have to live with more serious requirements for care and can no longer live on their own. Amvest has all the expertise it needs, in-house, for developing care properties. Our knowledge of conventional residential building and facilities projects, as well as building in city centre sites, means that we can make a contribution towards the demand for small-scale, sheltered accommodation for the vulnerable elderly.

A lovely, safe home for the elderly

We are perpetually on the hunt for suitable new (development) sites. From new-build to targeted refurbishment. We develop the properties for the Amvest Living & Care Fund (ALCF) in conjunction with four established care providers: Zorggroep De Laren, Dagelijks Leven, Het Gastenhuis and Futura. We also develop care properties for care providers where we have a strategic stake in the care company. Our developments are always based on a clear vision. Our ambition? To create lovely, safe homes for the elderly, surrounded by excellent care.

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