De Utrechtse Fondsen Vastgoed C.V.

De Utrechtse Fondsen Vastgoed C.V. (UFCV) is an investment fund that invests in Dutch residential property in the mid-priced segment. The Fund’s portfolio is located mainly in cities close to the major cities (in the Randstad area) or in the suburbs of large cities just outside the city centres. The Fund also has a relatively large presence in the cities in the KAN area (the Arnhem-Nijmegen metropolitan area), a strong region in the east of the Randstad.

UFCV in brief

Amvest has been the fund manager for UFCV since 1 July 2019. The Amvest Residential Core Fund is the sole investor in UFCV. The UFCV housing portfolio in 2020 comprises over 1.300 high-quality homes and they are on average relatively young properties. They are virtually all unregulated rental homes. A large part of the portfolio is made up of single person homes.

The UFCV’s aim is to have an economically robust portfolio, resulting in systematically low vacancy rates and a high degree of long-term stability in dividend returns. UFCV distributes the operational results of the property portfolio and the Fund is currently not open for new investors.

Sustainability ‘green star’

De Utrechtse Fondsen Vastgoed C.V. pursues an active ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policy. Sustainability in the broad sense. We have established concrete ESG objectives on the back of discussions with tenants, investors, property managers, developers and our staff. These and other non-financial criteria form fixed elements of our portfolio management.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

On the basis of the SFDR, financial market participants are required to indicate how they handle sustainability risks and to detail the consequences of this approach (for more details, see Investment Management). In addition, the regulation contains transparency requirements at fund level.

The regulation distinguishes between:

  • funds that are not promoted as sustainable (grey);
  • funds that promote environmental or societal characteristics (light-green);
  • funds with sustainable investments as their objective (dark-green).

UFCV qualifies as a light-green fund which promotes the use of clean energy, energy efficiency and affordable rental housing as characteristics.

The Amvest Residential Core Fund is the sole investor in UFCV. The ESG policy of the Amvest Residential Core Fund therefore fully corresponds to the ESC policy of UFCV.

For more information on the KPIs defined, the results of the past year, the data sources and screening criteria, please refer to the Amvest Residential Core Fund and the Annual Sustainability Report of the Amvest Residential Core Fund.

Dedicated fund teams

A leading fund manager and an experienced and dedicated team go hand-in-hand. Under the responsibility of the Fund’s board, each Fund at Amvest is directed by a driven portfolio manager, supported by a team of asset managers and technical managers. They maintain close contact with contractors, real estate managers and tenants via the Amvest Tenant Platform and a range of tenant associations. The team has the support of a specialised and efficient back office.


Features of the Fund

  • General account fund
  • Non-listed, indefinite term
  • Core investment fund
  • Low risk and stable dividend
  • Currently not open for new investors
  • Number of homes: 1352 / EUR 450 million (close of 2019)