Corporate social responsibility

We are standing at the cradle of the residential areas of tomorrow. In the here and now we take into account the effects elsewhere and later. Because we want future generations to also have pleasant, healthy and comfortable homes and lives. That’s why we invest in Corporate Social Responsibility, in its broadest sense. We look beyond the environment alone. And this is paying off. Amvest participates annually with its funds in the GRESB benchmark. GRESB is the annual worldwide benchmark on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) themes.

Sustainability is mostly about long lifespans

We invest in and create attractive, vibrant and therefore sustainable areas. Areas that make sense in socio-economic terms. Physical spaces that are well put together. And are financially viable to operate. Where future generations can live, work and stay pleasantly, healthily and comfortably. There we build residential, commercial and social facilities with a long lifespan. With sustainable materials, a minimal environmental footprint and high-quality public spaces. We involve residents, neighbours and users in advance. In order to work together on a pleasant living environment. And once it is in place, we continue to invest. This keeps an area attractive in the long term. For residents and investors.

What makes a town sustainable? It starts with quality and vision.


With our residential investment funds, we pursue an active sustainability policy. This policy came about through discussions with tenants, investors, property managers and administrators, developers and employees. Together we have set concrete ESG goals. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. These non-financial criteria form an integral part of our investment policy and portfolio management.

On the page Sustainable Investing you can find various documents on Amvest’s sustainable investment policy and SFDR statements.


The Amvest Residential Core Fund, the Utrechtse Fondsen Vastgoed C.V. and the separate accounts contribute to the expansion of the stock of free sector rental housing in the middle segment. The houses are built with sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. Over the past two years we have comprehensively renovated 1.200 homes and installed solar panels on 2.500 homes. We also invest heavily in sustainable technologies, such as thermal energy storage (Combined Heat and Power): a form of clean energy with greater comfort. In 2020 the Amvest Residential Core Fund achieved the maximum score of 5 out of 5 stars in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

Future-proof accommodation for the elderly

The Amvest Living & Care Fund also has a broad sustainability strategy. Besides constructing energy-efficient sheltered housing, the focus is on social impact by creating a pleasant living environment for vulnerable elderly people. Personalised high-quality care is the basic principle here. The sustainable strategy and its implementation resulted in the fund achieving the maximum achievable 5 stars in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) in 2020 for the third year running. The Amvest Living & Care Fund also scored 5 stars in 2020. In addition, the Amvest Living & Care Fund is the most sustainable healthcare property fund in the world.

Good governance

Amvest operates an internal code of conduct for management and employees. Integrity, transparency and corporate social responsibility are key priorities for us. In addition to the Amvest Code of Conduct, as a member of the Association of Institutional Property Investors in the Netherlands (IVBN) and the Association of Dutch Project Development Companies (NEPROM) we follow the codes of conduct applicable to members of these industry associations.

Amvest is also a member of the Dutch Green Building Council, NEPROM’s Sustainability Committee and IVBN’s Sustainability Taskforce. Amvest also participates in sustainability platforms and the GRESB benchmark.