About Amvest

Giving people a good home: that has been our mission for over 25 years. As an investment manager and a developer of homes and residential areas in the Netherlands, Amvest aims to contribute to neighbourhoods that work well, where people are happy to live for a long time. How do we do that? By understanding that development and investment go hand in hand. By consciously investing in these areas, and in quality. And by bringing different parties together – uniting their interests and collaborating closely. That is how we create a home for people.

We’re here to stay

A good home ensures a better quality of life. We believe that living well means living in a diverse neighbourhood, where people from all walks of life feel at home. Where there’s enough space to live and work, learn and play, relax and stay active. Accessible, healthy, future-proof neighbourhoods, where meeting people is a given and where all the important facilities are within easy reach, from healthcare and education, to parks and shops, to culture and hospitality. In short, your neighbourhood.

These are the types of areas we invest in. Where people feel safe and comfortable – and where past and future come together – that’s where they feel at home. And so do we. As an engaged home owner, as a trusted point of contact, and as a manager of the immediate surrounding area.

Creating a home together

To create a good home, we develop and manage our properties from a social point of view – with participation from those involved. We work closely with our stakeholders – residents and policymakers, entrepreneurs and property managers, investors and builders. This is crucial to our approach, because close relationships and sharing ideas lead to neighbourhoods that work well. Neighbourhoods where people want to stay for generations to come.

Important issues – like future-proof neighbourhoods, affordable housing and healthy living environments – always play a key role in our work. That is why we focus not just on the highest yields or short-term returns, but on investing in long-term solutions.

Through this approach, we make not only a social contribution but also a financial one: growth in the value of the real estate. Because financial returns may not be our only goal, but they are of course important, especially given our responsibility towards those with pension plans and life insurances with our investors. After all, they have entrusted their money to us for their future.

How it all began

Amvest was founded in 1997 as a joint venture between Aegon and Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PfZW). Initially, we only managed rental homes. But thanks to our increasing knowledge of tenants’ wishes, we had everything we needed to start developing these homes ourselves. Since 2005, we have been focusing more and more on developing and investing in entire areas – with Strijp R in Eindhoven as our first success story. The long-lasting impact we have had on this residential area is evident through our approach:

  • Investing in diverse neighbourhoods
  • Long-term collaboration
  • Choosing for the future, and prioritising quality

Since then, we have grown considerably and are the driving force behind several unique residential areas, such as DUIN in Almere and Cruquius in Amsterdam, which are still under development. As an investor, we will stay connected to these areas for years to come. And there are many more projects in the pipeline where those came from.

Our people make it possible

We have over 100 people working at Amvest; skilled professionals with a passion for special projects. That’s also reflected in our office on Cruquius Island. Right in the heart of the neighbourhood that we have developed ourselves, we’ve created a space where we, too, can work together and feel at home.

Amvest Investment Management manages around 22.000 homes, providing living accommodation for about 55.000 tenants. Our homes are divided into four different portfolios:

On the page Sustainable Investing you can find various documents on Amvest’s sustainable investment policy and SFDR statements.

Amvest Development will complete around 23.000 new homes over the next few years. These are mostly rental properties but we also develop property for sale, care complexes and associated facilities.